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Latest firmware and IDE for PowerPmac Clipper
Please let me know which is latest firmware and IDE for Power Pmac Clipper I can use
I believe the newest firmware is You can request firmware from your local Omron representative.

The most recent IDE is available here
I am using Ethercat drives. I guess power clipper has Etherlab stack. Does the above IDE will work for Etherlab stack?
No. For that I would suggest IDE, the most recent IDE V3.
Available on our older software center:
Direct Link:

IDE 3 will be able to handle your whole project as long as you don't have user written phase/servo routines. If you wish you can set up just ethercat in IDE 3 and take a config to get settings that can be pasted into an IDE 4 project to set up ecat and ecat motors before continuing setup in IDE 4.
There is a little bit more information here.

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