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update-rc.d CK3E ARM

I am working with an CK3E ARM PowerPMAC running FW
For integrating our own custom service, I was trying to use init.d for running the service at startup.

Unfortunately, when running update-rc.d the whole init.d structure gets messed up. After that, a lot of services get started, that bring error messages in the console (samba, winbnd, etc.).
Event if I don't add a new service on a plane .vhd image, I get these error messages during boot after simply running update-rc.d.
Additionally there are more services starting than before running update-rc.d.

So my question is:
Why is update-rc.d messing up the startup sequence and how can I fix that?
How can I add a new service to the startup procedure without using update-rc.d?

You should be able to add your startup script to "/.readonly/etc/init.d" and then place symbolic links in "/.readonly/etc/rc2.d/SXXntp" following the already existing naming conventions and using the number in the name to determine run order.

Don't run update-rc.d.

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