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Encoder Yaskawa absolute 24 bits on Geobrick-LV
In the Geobrick-LV user manual it is only spoke about Yaskawa Sigma III 20-bit Absolute Encoder.

Is it possible to have a Yaskawa 24 bits (or more bits) encoder.
The reference of my encoder is RA24YUA052B15V.

Thank you in advance.
Generally, the different varieties of Yaskawa serial encoders can all be read with the same interface protocol. The data in the position registers may be in different places in the register(s).

Remember that the reference to "20-bit" encoders is the resolution of a single turn of the encoder. These encoders generally have muliturn data as well.
Thank you for your answer.
It works perfectly.

Note : We have found also some additional information in the Acc-84E documentation

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