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ACC-72EX communication error
Hello, I am Sang Joon Lee.

I would like to ask regarding 72EX communication troubleshooting.

A customer has been using 72EX since July 2019, since then their application worked fine until Feb 2020. (their application was set in July 2019.)

Communication error codes that I have received from the user are as follows.
1. #define SStat_ulSystemError Acc72Ex[0].Udata32[50]
2. #define SStat_ulBootError Acc72Ex[0].Udata32[51]
3. #define CC0_ulCommunicationError Acc72Ex[0].Udata32[198]
Not yet, I know what values or codes those parameters have for the situation.
Could they be meaningful? are they common terms for 72EX?

I could not be able to find those parameters from the 72EX manual.
How could I check with those error codes?
(Mitubish plc is its only slave.)

According to the manual, a 72EX has SYS and COM LED indicators.
I would like to know what flashing COM1 LED means.

Actually, 72EX card I have here has 1 sys led(green on), 1 com0 led(green on), and another one has no mark for it. So I am assuming it is com1, but the thing is it is flashing red. If I am correct, it shows slave 1 has a bad communication with its master. is it correct? (again, Mitubish plc is its only slave.)

And if there are other methods for troubleshooting 72EX with Mitubish communication error please share with me.

Thank you for any comment.

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