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unsigned user variable "byte offset" limits
I've created a series of ptr statements in a global definitions.pmh file formatted as follows:
ptr hmi_do_WH1UprGripRelease->u.user:$108.31.1;

The Byte Offsets are sequential and compile up to the previous statement. But when I increment up to the next Byte Offset like:
ptr hmi_do_WH1LwrGripRelease->u.user:$112.0.1;

It generates a compile error. If I change the 112 to a 0, then it compiles to up to the next byte offset over 108. If I keep changing the over 108 numbers to lower numbers, the error contiues to move down the list. Is 108 the limit for the byte offset for unsigned user data?

Well, I went though the file and renumbered all the byte offets to lower numbers and I still have the same error at the same line. but when I comment out the offending line ( and surrounding lines ) then error messages moves up and down the list. I've included the file for anyone who wouldn't mind taking a look at it. The line generating an error is marked and around line 120. Thanks. Hope someone has a clue to the problem.


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.pmh   wh1_io_ptrs.pmh (Size: 14.88 KB / Downloads: 10)
You are having byte boundry problems. In the defintion "->u.user:$108.31.1" the "$" means the following number is hexadecimal, just as 0x108 means hex in "C". So your next address should be $10C.

If you look at $112 this is 274 decimal which is not divisible by 4 and this is why the defintion is creating an error.

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