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UserFlag bit on ACC-24E2A
For both the turbo and power PMAC we are using the 4 axis board ACC-24E2A. For the Turbo PMAC we used the M415->X:$78218,19,1;232 as a digital input. From the Power PMAC Software Reference Manual p1556 it looks like this should be Gate1[4].Chan[3].UserFlag.

The gate and channel selection seems ok because I can control the Gate1[4].Chan[3].Dac[1] output from the PMAC.

Normally I read a 1 for Gate1[4].Chan[3].UserFlag (as expected). When I apply 24 volts to USER4 as in the yellow wire in the photo, I expect to read a 0, but the watch window still shows a 1. It works for the turbo PMAC but not the power PMAC. Is there some mode or configuration I have to change for this to work?

If it matters, the Gate1[4].Chan[3].UserFlag's address is $c76000e0 (M8243)


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'Pretty sure that the flag inputs for the four axes are optically isolated..from each other. So, the "FL RT4" terminal needs a wire for the return current
You're correct, thanks! The purple wire was on the wrong connector...

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