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network mismatch analyzer
I'm trying to setup a new system; I copied the PMAC Workspace from the old system. When trying to activate the EtherCAT I get a network mismatch error and it tells me to run the network mismatch analyzer. Where can I find this utility?

That is in "EC Engineer" under the "Network" menu.
Sorry, but next stupid question: where is the Network menu? I get this network mismatch analyzer message when I try to go to Diagnosis dialog. I tried searching the IDE manual for analyzer and didn't see any reference.

Thanks again
Now this error is gone but I get:
3/20/2020 4:10:28 PM Master0 EtherCAT Invalid state (0x9811000E)

Any idea what the root cause is? I tried comparing all the system and ethercat settings with a working system and couldn't see any difference.

after I perform ecat reset I can go into diagnosis mode. Everything seems fine in diagnosis mode. But after I leave dianosis mode to go to configuration mode I get the invalide state error. and then I can't go into diagnosis mode without a doing another ecat reset.
Send a screenshot of the error you get to
I sent an email last week Sunday but nary a response all last week.

In talking with some other PMAC users I arrived at this solution:
reset ***
Scan EtherCAT network
Load mapping to PowerPMAC
Build & Download
Activate EtherCAT

I had tried all of these before but not in this exact sequence. Maybe the key is loading the mapping?
EtherCAT settings don't get sent to PMAC until you load the mapping so that would make sense.
I had loaded the mappings, just not in that order. Seems something was wrong with that project as even after successful EtherCAT activation I couldn't move the motors but creating a new project could work. Doing a diff with the saved configuration files didn't show any important differences...

Has anyone made a utility to export every setting? It'd be easy to export all P, Q, M, I, variables to a text file, but time consuming to map those to the data structures. And of course many variables don't relate to settings.

The bottom line is there needs to be some way to compare one project to another to make sure they are identical.

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