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Coord[1].LintoPVT trajectory calc
In the user manual it states that the algorithms for calculating the trajectory for this are similar to normal PVT mode. Is there documentation of what the differences are. I have a customer query regarding the calculation of the slope at each control point that I would like to provide some documentation for.
To clarify, the special thing about the "LinToPvt" mode is that it takes a move description that is simply axis points and vector speed, and automatically computes each axis velocity ("V") and the common move time ("T"). It then executes the moves exactly as if they were directly programmed in PVT mode.

The details of the algorithm(s) to compute V and T are proprietary. The best way to evaluate what they do is to data gather on sample trajectories. Most people who have used the mode prefer type 3 as providing the smoothest trajectories. Several also like to use it with Coord[x].PvatEnable=1 so the method computes 5th-order PVAT moves.

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