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@deltatau email not working
A few people from our company have tried to email the address and a few individual addresses we have contacted before. All of them bounce back after a few days as "delivery is delayed by server". Is it just us, and can you check your IT department?

GF / Microlution
On January 1st, all of the "" email addresses were taken down and everything was moved to "" addresses. If you had emailed us prior to then, many of us had notices about it in our email signatures, though admittedly, not all of us. If you received any emails from individuals at Delta Tau since approximately last April or so, they would have come from our new email addresses, so you may already have received messages from our new accounts and just not noticed. As for the general tech support, that has been moved to

Since this isn't exactly "Power PMAC" related, I will eventually either remove this from the forums or move it to a different forum, but for visibility, I will leave it here for now.
Thanks for the update. Can you also update the main support page? Not all of us are in constant contact
Support is now:
(03-12-2020, 12:33 PM)steve.milici Wrote: Support is now:

You need to update the various pages on the website. For example, the Contact Support webpage still shows

and also the offices list:

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