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Demo DAC output problem
Here is new PPMAC DEMO with Acc24e3 using Dac output,I know I have to set Gate3[0].Chan[0].OutputMode=3 if I want to output Dac,but why this paremeter can't be set to any other number except the default value zero.
Who can tell me how to set the paremeter if I want to use Acc24e3 to output Dac?

In order to write to most DSPGATE3 saved setup elements, follow this procedure:

  1. Write a value of $AAAAAAAA to Sys.WpKey
  2. Write the new desired value to the write-protected element
  3. Now the ASIC automatically sets the value of Sys.WpKey to 0, to again write protect the DSPGATE3 saved setup elements

So for the setup element you desire in this particular case, just write these lines in your terminal window or download them in global definitions.pmh:

Sys.WpKey = $AAAAAAAA;            // Disable write protection
Gate3[0].Chan[0].OutputMode = 3; // Write desired value

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