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Tab 'Kernel update' in the IDE
About the tab 'Kernel update' in the IDE, some questions :

- Button KERNEL: When click it is proposed to save the OS on the PC in uImagebackup10222010.bin
But it doesn't success ant it says 'File{0} transfer error'
Do i have to add jumpers on the CPU board ?

- Could you explain how to use the Kernel update possibilities ?
(button Kernel, Boot, Install package) and what files to use.

Do i have to connect under linux for the install of the files : usr.tar.gz, partition2.tar.gz and use those commands :
cd /var/ftp/usrflash
mount -o remount,rw /
tar xfz usr.tar.gz
cp -a usr /
mount -o remount,ro /
is it correct ?

PS: I work with: Kernel version, Firmware PPmac and IDE, but those questions are for my customers and the future.
The kernel is bundled with the firmware so that if a firmware requires a new kernel it will get updated, otherwise it does not.

The only time you would use this is if you have spoken with us regarding some problem and we decide this is the only way to fix it. Then we would give you some special file.

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