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RESOLVED - phasing after reversing motor jogging direction
PowerBrickLV with 5/15A and 8 axes. Driving stage with brushless motors and using quadrature encoder signals for feedback.

I wanted to reverse the jogging direction on my brushless motor.
When I do that I am not able to establish the phase reference any more
which worked fine before. I reversed the jogging direction according to
the PowerBrickLV hardware reference manual, changing signs on
Motor[x].PhaseOffset, Motor[x].PwmSf and changing PowerBrick[0].Chan[0].EncCtrl.
Does anyone know a possible explanation or solution for this?
I think I found the problem. For some reason PowerPMAC does accept me changing the value Gate3[0].Chan[0].EncCtrl from 3 to 7 at startup. When I then correct that, I can phase and jog in reversed direction. I searched for places I might mess with that parameter and set it to 7 again but I the search function does not come up with other instances of it. .... I have the same trouble with stepper motors, which is that PowerPMAC sometimes gives Motor[x].IdCmd the value 0.
Did you remember to set Sys.WpKey=$aaaaaaaa before trying to change the setting in the Gate3?
If the line Gate3[0].Chan[0].EncCtrl=7 is in a header file (like in global includes), make sure Sys.WpKey is set to $AAAAAAAA when EncCtrl is changed.

If this is typed into the terminal followed by a save command, it may be replaced on boot by either a header file or by SystemSetup.cfg, which has information from system setup. If it's SystemSetup.cfg, then you can copy live motor settings to this config by uploading a motor as in the attached picture.

You can also set the option to "Download systemsetup.cfg File" to No in your project's properties if you do not want this file downloaded. (Right click your project name in your solution explorer and select properties).

The mention of Motor[x].IdCmd makes me lean more towards SystemSetup.cfg. Sys.WpKey would not apply to that since it's a motor variable, not a gate variable.

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Hi Eric, thank you for answering the Question. I think I stumbled upon the cause for my problem when the parameter for Gate3[0].Chan[2].EncCtrl is not being set properly at the project download. When I looked into the newest IDE-Manual out of interest I saw the recommendation for manual system setups to deactivate the download of the system.cfg-file in the project properties. I have not carefully tested it, but I suspect that has messed with some of my setups all along. Since I deactivated that property I have not experienced any 'mysterious' problems with values not being what I set up in my files.

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