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CK3E NX-ECC203 Coupler RxPDO Problem
Hi All,

I have one problem about coupler. I add one NX-ECC203 Coupler Unit my system, but I can not activate ethercat. My coupler was detected "An error was detected in the RxPDO settings. (AL-Status Code: 001D hex)" in Sysmac Studio Troubleshooter.
What is the EtherCAT master?
Hi Steve,

My CK3E use Acontis master and I find my mistake. I can not properly configured SL-3300 Safety Cpu and CK3E.
I believe there is an app note for the ECC203 & SL-3300 that was written by Mike Esposito. There was a lot of time and effort utilized to get that working properly and consistently, but it has been stable ever since. They are running together on about 25 machines at OEM and more added every week.

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