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enabling motors before a motion program
I was trying to run a motion program in a coordinate system that has ~20 motors, and I set the automatic brakes on these motors.
To run the motion program all the motors in the CS need to be enabled before issuing the run command. However, this will release the brakes on all the motors even the ones not moving in that motion program.
Is there a way to only enable motors when they are moving instead of enabling the coordinate system at the beginning?
Enabling the motors in this case means putting them into closed loop so they hold position and do not fall down. This can be achieved on the terminal with "&N Enable" or in a PLC with "ENABLE N", where N is the coordinate system number.

You may need to set Motor[x].BrakeOffDelay and Motor[x].BrakeOnDelay so the motors will not drop.
All motors assigned to position axes in the coordinate system must be in the closed-loop enabled state to be able to run a motion program in that coordinate system. If you are using the automatic brake control functionality, this means that the brakes will be released in this state, as Eric stated.

Any motor not explicitly commanded by the motion program is implicitly commanded to hold its position. With the servo loop closed and enabled, it should be able to do this.

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