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ACC-72E Profibus Master-Global bit
I use a ACC-72E PROFIBUS MASTER Card in my Project, and I set the SW in below configuration
so the address DPR base address is $74000, I wants to monitor the diagnostic flags in PLC, I calculate the address for the Global_bits, DPM_state, Err_rem_adr according their offset address , their offset address is respectively 740H, 741H,742H described in manual.
Global_bits; M6800->Y:$74740,16,8,U
DPM_state: M6801->Y:$74741,16,8,U
Err_rem_adr: M6802->Y:$74742,16,8,U

the Value of Global_bits which is in Sycon is not equivalent with the value which is in UMAC.
What's the matter? the address calculation is wrong ?

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