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RESOLVED - Increase channel current beyond limit?
Hi, I am operating a PowerBrickLV with 5/15A. We now have a machine including a brushless motor with a continuous current of 8.7A and only 0.75Nm/A. Unfortunately there is high friction on the bearing because it has to be very stiff. Therefore the PowerBrickLV can't provide the required current to drive that motor.
We wondered if it was possiblel to combine two channels to get get more current for the motor. I guess that is a stupid question. The 5A maximum of the PowerBrickLV is really just under the current that is needed to drive the motor. We would get around with 6A. Is it thinkable to push the limit of the continuous current to 6A? Or is that the certain death of the PowerBrickLV?
Best regards,
This cannot be done.
(11-22-2019, 12:09 PM)steve.milici Wrote: This cannot be done.

Ok, then I won't do it.

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