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PDK for C++
Previously I used the pewin 32 pro's pcomm32W.dll to interface with our C++ program. Now we switched from Turbo PMAC to Power PMAC. Is there something similar for Power PMAC. It looks like the PDK is only for C# but maybe it has some com or C++ callable dll?

You can use other languages. The complete examples are only in C# but the manual for the PDK has “individual” command syntaxes for Visual BASIC and Visual C++.
So is there an underlying com interface or something like that, that can be called directly from C/C++? I mean normal C++ not .NET C++.

It is ".NET" only.
So the recommended alternative for non .NET languages is via a SSH server, correct? Can the variables be sent in binary mode or only in ASCII?

So is there a recommended way for non .NET?
An SSH server using "gpascii" would be the alternative method.
Not sure if this helps but looks like someone build a c++ library for ssh.

Good luck.
Thanks for the advice.

Now using ssh, I'm able to read/write variables and execute plc/motion programs.

I wonder if there's any more efficient way to read a lot of variables, like a binary mode. How does the PMAC IDE upload all the chart data?

also, what does the -2 option mean when running gpascii?
If you issues "gpascii -2" you will be able to access declared script global variables like in the IDE terminal. With just "gpascii", you would not be able to.

You should be able to view multiple variables with commands like "P0..10", "Motor[1].JogSpeed,10", "backup Motor[1].", and "MyVar,10". By chart data do you mean the plot utility?
Thanks for your information. I definitely want the -2 option so I can read the global variables. Are the gpascii option flags documented anywhere?
The plot utility can receive a lot of data; does it do this all through ASCII or is there a way to read in binary? An array of 20,000 values may take much more time to send and parse as ASCII. The plot utility is the most analogous activity performed by the IDE so I thought whatever method DeltaTau is using internally should be the best method.

Thanks again.

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