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my machine is configurition by 1 ppmac,2acc24e3(8channel include 4pwm,4vppfeedback and 4analog,4vppfeedback);
now I use one channel include 1pwm and 1vpp,current loop tune figure isgood.
BUT openloop tune figure IS POOR.

again I use one channel include 1analog and 1vpp,use same motor and feedback,openloop tune figure IS POOR.


I don't know why it is?

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If your Phase Position is not right. The open loop test may not work.
Please check Motor[x].PhasePosSf value is right. You can refer the Power Brick Mannual to cal it.
And then do the six step current test.
If your I2t protect is not set and don't get right phase pos, you may burn your motor!
In the first picture, it looks like the motor is phased backwards. When the yellow line representing torque is positive, the purple line representing velocity is decreasing. This can most likely be corrected by changing the direction of the feedback or the output and re-phasing the motor.

You can reverse the direction of the feedback by changing Gate3[i].Chan[j].EncCtrl between values of 3 and 7.
You can reverse the direction of the output by swapping two motor leads.

In the second picture, the motor looks like it was not initially phased correctly, in that case you might want to re-issue the phasing command. #5$ This could indicate the the phase position scale factor is set wrong and the motor has moved out of the "good" area.

I'm not sure why I see spikes in the velocity feedback.
The spikes may be due to some noise on the encoder--if you look at the "Interactive Feedback" pictures, the encoder reaches some arbitrary points not actually on the circle. In addition to checking the phasing, I would also double check the soldering (if you have an adapter or anything) and that the encoder tape is clean and properly aligned/spaced.
thanks for Sangmo,Eric Hotchkiss and AAnikstein ,my problem
is settled;Then we again assemble machine,openloop figure is:ok

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