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Position compare auto-increment
ACC-24E2A and UMAC Turbo PMAC2 CPU
Trying to use the auto-increment feature on Channel 3 of the ACC-24E2A. It triggers once and increments for the next position (values in M308 and M309 change to the proper values) but doesn't seem to trigger at the next position. From reading the documentation it appears that once set up it should continue to output the EQU pulses at even intervals. I must be missing something.

; set up axis 3 (Y infeed) to generate EQU pulses
M310=INT(M392) ; Set auto increment to integer portion of axis multiplier
M308=M301+50 ; set position compare A (counts) equal to the current position +50
M309=M308+10 ; set position compare B (counts) for 10 (counts)
M312=0 ; ENC3 compare initial state
M311=1 ; Enable direct write (resets immediately to 0)
Looks like the compare A and the compare B need to be on opposite sides of the current count when set up e.g. M308>M301>M309
That is correct--in Turbo PMAC, the encoder must be bounded at all times between the CompA and CompB registers in order for the auto-increment feature to function.

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