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pcommserver on win7
Have a VB6 app that formerly ran on XP. upgrading PC to win7 and need the app to run.

We have win7 and pcommserver currently installed. The VB app will crash currently (due to not being able to open the pmac connection) when it executes the PMACGetResponseA. If I comment out the PMACGetResponseA the app runs without communicating of course. So I've narrowed it down to it's not opening up the connection via the pcomm32.dll. PEWin32 communicates fine.

Thanks in advance for the help.

^^^^ edited and updated based of new information
OK. so I have pcommserver installed. I started a new project in an attempt to troubleshoot. I have a single form with a single label in it. this is the code. openpmac returns false. I have pcommserver selected in resources. PEWin32 talks with the UMAC just fine.

Private Declare Function OpenPmacDevice Lib "Pcomm32.dll" (ByVal dwDevice As Long) As Boolean
Dim DeviceSelected As Long
Dim OpenDeviceBool As Boolean

Private Sub Form_Load()
DeviceSelected = 0
OpenDeviceBool = OpenPmacDevice(DeviceSelected)
Label1.Caption = OpenDeviceBool
End Sub
Next test.

I backed up a bit:

Dim form_handle As Long

form_handle = Form1.hwnd
DeviceSelected = PmacSelect(form_handle)

this pops up the select pmac window. it can not detect the pmac using the vb app.

however in pewin of course it detects the pmac and i can assign it to a device number.

So this has something to do with the pcomm32.dll and how it's playing with the vb. going to keep working. if anyone has ideas...... thank you!
fix it. thanks to some hints from tech support.

changed the dll used from pcomm32.dll to pcomm32w.dll and all works.


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