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GBLV max ADC frequency
At some point since 2009 the GeoBrick Default I7m03 changed from 1234 to 2257.

I understand that this was for reasons of limiting either the maximum ADC or DAC frequency.

I have recently used a 1A geobrick variant and selected the recommended 40kHz PWM frequency , but at this rate the ADC values as read by Mxx05 are random and range from zero to full scale, even without motor power.

If I reduce the ADC clock divider from 3 to 2 this reading becomes stable , but I want to be sure I don't exceed the new maximum allowable settings.

Does anyone on here know what the maximum allowable settings are for the hardware clock settings of an 8 channel 1A/3A geobrick LV running at 210MHz. ( avoiding 240 just in case we have some older hardware that predates the wait states firmware fix)

Thanks in advance

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