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syntax error, unexpected '*'
I am new for PPMAC,
I want to write a subroutine for CaptCompISR like this

void CaptCompISR(void)
volatile GateArray3 *Gate3IC;

but have this error: syntax error, unexpected '*'

how to solve it?

Thank you!
Please, post this question under Power PMAC section and NOT FAQ.

This should build fine.

What firmware are you using? you can find out by issuing VERS in the terminal window of the IDE.
Which IDE version are you using?
Also, what will you be trying to achieve in the ISR?
(Moved post to Power PMAC)
Sorry for the wrong post place of this issue.

I just want to try the example of CaptCompISR on page 6 of "LASER PULSE CONTROL WITH POWER PMAC DSPGATE3" .

The controller = CK3M
The firmware version =
IDE version =
The code you show above should not generate an error although a function with just a pointer declaration does nothing.

Perform just a “Build” and provide the response of the “Output” tab.
What file was this code placed inside? It should be in "C Language" -> "Realtime Routines"

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the code in usrcode.c :
void CaptCompISR(void)
volatile GateArray3 *MyGate3;
volatile unsigned IntCtrl;
unsigned *uintptr;
uintptr = (unsigned*) pushm;
MyGate3 = GetGate3MemPtr(3);

I run "Build and Download All Program" then
I got the messages as follow:
in output panel:
Uploading pp_error_hist.log file from the PowerPMAC.
Uploading pp_debug.txt file from the PowerPMAC.
Uploading and synchronizing PowerPMAC variables
Download successful.
Total Project download time = 5.663 seconds.
Total Project build and download time = 12.387 seconds.
in panel "Error List"
Severity Code Description Project File Line
Error syntax error, unexpected '*' 方案 'PowerPMAC3' ‎(1 專案) C:\Users\Eric Shyu\Documents\PowerPMAC IDE\PowerPMAC3\PowerPMAC3\C Language\Realtime Routines\usrcode.c 70

Thank you for your help!
When I build and download with this in my project (making sure the file is set to compile), I do not get that error message. Can you give a form factor (UMAC, Brick, Clipper, CK3M?), a firmware version and an IDE version?
Hi, Eric

The controller = CK3M
The firmware version =
IDE version =
I do not get that error when attempting to build and download exactly that ISR on a CK3M with the same IDE and firmware version. You may try another computer or contacting support at

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