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startup not working

I have a strange problem regarding the pp_startup.txt

Since today I can not put PLC in there, which starts after powerup or $$$.
When I update the PMAC it works with the automatic launch, even if I start the PLC in question by hand.

But the autostart does not work at initial powerup or after a reset with $$$.

To be exact, it works...but gets somehow killed.
regardles of what is in the PLC (large PLCs, short one liners, commands, loops, system "....bla.out".)
Everything gets started for a brief moment and then gets killed.

I checked with counting up values. It counts up until some value and then the PLC gets killed.

Initially there were some Sys.CdTimers in it. I recognized that they did also get killed somehow (set to a large value -> still 0. But counts down from the large value when started a bit later)

Now this is a bit annoying since it did work until yesterday.

Did someone else have such a problem and has a solution/cause ?

Right now I'm thinking of making a init script in the linux part for startup as last resort. But other things short of that did not work.

Georg, is anything true in your global status? I'm thinking maybe the save and $$$ caused an error.

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