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Servo gains scaling
In Turbo PMAC we had to scale the PID gains when writing a custom PID loop with constants such as these:

#define K16 0.000015259 ; Constant of 2^-16
#define K128 0.0078125 ; Constant of 1/128
#define K23 0.000000119 ; Constant of 2^-23
DACOUT = FLIMIT(ITOF(Ix30)*K16 ...etc.

Does Power PMAC require such scaling when writing custom routines? If so, what are the scale factors that we should use? I am insterested in replicating motion behaviour in Matlab/Simulink. The Matlab/Simulink section in the Power PMAC IDE manual doesn't mention any scaling of the sort but I just needed confirmation and understaning of the differences between Turbo & Power PMAC as my simulations don't match up the actual motion profiles. Thanks.
There are no scale factors for servo gains in Power-Pmac.

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