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Problem Error .C
Hello. Please tell me how you can fix the error .C
With I have two identical Geo PMAC Drive GIL102M0 and both have the same error problem as in the photo.

At the same time, the + 3V lamp does not light up and the REG lamp lights up

There may be a nutrition problem. I fed the system with one phase 220v and three phases 380v each 136v But this did not work.

Could this mean that my GIL102M0 are not working and need repair? :(

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An error code of "C" is for an Under Voltage Fault. Here is the description:
The DC bus internal to the Geo drive has decreased below a factory pre-set threshold of 16 to 30Vdc (no AC input power to the drive).

To see other error messages, find "error codes" in the table of contents of this manual.
The fact is that I measured the voltage at the contacts and there is voltage. 24v and 220v
Can someone show how you apply voltage to it?
for some reason, the REG lamp is on
The manual I linked shows wiring AC input to J1 on page 30 and wiring 24 volt logic to J4 on page 31. If you are providing power correctly and the error won't go away, it could indicate the unit is damaged.
Where can I go for equipment diagnostics? I live in Russia.
Contact your local Omron sales channel to start a repair RMA. They will know the process.
Thank you all for your advice. I will try to contact them for repair.

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