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Real Time Interrupt - [Bsy/Err]
That message is occurring intermittently. What can be wrong?

I want to know why it's happening.

It's happening repeatedly in 1 to 5 seconds.

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This is the result of one of the RTI tasks taking longer than a single RTI period (indicated by Sys.RtIntBusyCtr > 0). Typically Foreground PLC and CPLC execution would be the cause.

Sys.RtIntBusyCtr contains the number of times since power-on/reset the real-time-interrupt tasks have not completed before the next real-time interrupt occurs. A situation where this condition occurs is not necessarily a serious problem, but may indicate possible overloading of the processor at this priority level (foreground Script and C PLCs will “skip a beat” when this re-entry occurs).

Try increasing Sys.RtIntPeriod.

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