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Copy gather files via SCP and new user on PowerPMAC

I am trying to copy gather files from PowerPMAC to my host computer with a python script in order to automate the procedures and improve speed.

Python make a system call by SCP, a program that copy files using ssh session. To avoid passing passwords in a insecure way (and for automation reasons), like sshpass, I generated a ssh key (ssh-keygen and ssh-copy-id) and a new user (non root) for PowerPMAC.

My problem is when I reboot my PowerPMAC: I lost my new user and just root stay alive.

Is there a way to keep new user after rebooting the system? Am I copying files on the right way or there is another possible?

The Power PMAC Linux installation keeps itself clean by mounting its file system as read only
most of the time and copying the contents of “/.readonly/etc” and “/.readonly/var” to “/etc”
and “/var” on power up.
To deal with this, the following process is used

mount -o remount,rw /
cp -a /.readonly/etc-tmpfs-mirror/* /.readonly/etc/
cp -a /.readonly/var-tmpfs-mirror/* /.readonly/var/
mount -o remount,ro /

There is also a root folder, so you can add:
cp -a /.readonly/root-tmpfs-mirror/* /.readonly/root/

In case it helps, you can take a look at instructions to install the NTP debian package on PMAC.
Hi Eric!

Thank you, it worked like a charm.

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