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Feed override with Coord[x].SegOverrride
Currently we are using feed override with Coord[1].DesTimeBase . However this shows some issue like sluggish during acceleration and deceleration. Hence we like to use Coord[1].SegOverrride . We have tested this and it works perfectly with G01, G02, G03 commands. However it does not work with Rapid traverse. Can you suggest some way of implementation that it works for rapid as well.
Coord[x].SegOverrride applies to segmented moves only. For “rapid” mode you will need to have some flag mechanism to properly set the Coord[x].DesTimeBase.
Also, some users will want one or more attributes of the linear move mode when they are executing what would normally be “rapid” mode moves as in the Ability to use the same “segmentation override” as for linear and circle mode moves.

See the section “Using Linear Mode for “Rapid” Moves” in the “Power PMAC User’s Manual” starting on page 702 (703 electronic).

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