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DotNetCore support for PDK
The Power PMAC PDK currently requires version 4.x of the .Net framework ; is it going to be possible to run a future version of the PDK with Microsoft's 'DotNetCore' ?
We are not planning to make PDK compatible with .net core.
I'm surprised by this, supporting DotNetCore would be a big win as it enables cross platform support.

Running the Portability Analyzer on this (see attached output) it doesn't look like too big a job - 9/13 dll's are 100% compatible. The worst of the rest is 89% compatible.

for the remainder:
Prism - new versions support .net standard
Microsoft.Build.Utilities - a .net core version now exists
Renci.ssh - you may need to switch ssh libraries but since ssh is a standard protocol it should be fine

Hope you decide to undertake it in the near future and good luck if you do

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