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How does CK3M configure CSV under ECT?
Recently, when I read Power PMAC IDE. PDF, I found in the section of Configure the EtherCAT Device that it introduced several modes of CSP/CSV/CST configuration for 1S/G5 drive. I wonder if CK3M is only for 1S/G5 drive?Can I use another company's drive?I'm using the panasonic A6 MADLN05BE drive now, and I don't know why it can't be configured in CSV mode.Can you give us a solution?
Another question, now I'm in CSP mode, when I'm controlling the motor, when I want to attach a grating to make a loop outside of the position ring to further improve the accuracy.They don't know how to configure it in ECT, and they recently consulted local omron technology, they don't know how to configure it in ECT.
This would be a technical support issue.
Please contact ODT's technical support at:

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