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I have a Power PMAC DEMO-BOX.
There is ETHERCAT connector. I try to move OMRON G5-servo motor by ETHERCAT connection.
At first I set up EC-Engneer but I can't. I did "Scan EtherCAT Network" on "Class-A Master" on "Project Explorer" so that there is apper message "Failed to connect Master-Unit. Plese verify that the romote system is running"
What kind of CPU does your DemoBox have? EC-Engineer only works with Acontis master (CK3E, CK3M and UMAC ARM CPU)
In the CPU is a 460 or 465 you have Etherlab stack and need IDE v3
Like tecnico said, you should make sure you are using acontis. Is Sys.EcatType=1?

Did you put in the correct IP address?

If you issue "ecat slaves" from the IDE terminal, do you see your slave in the response? If not you may need to issue "ecat reset".
I can move the motor!
thank you everyone

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