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ACC-72E Profibus DP with SIEMENS ET200pro
I want to use ACC-72E to expand the IO substation, take the SIEMENS ET200Pro as remote DP salve station, but there are some issues in configuration process.
1)it is mentioned that the PROFIBUS master is defined in HIL 7506.GSD in manual , but I can't find it in the hilscher website. so I drag the COMX-100xx-DP/DPM master station in Sycon software, I'm not sure it is correct or not?
2) have imported the SIEMENS ET200pro GSD file to Sycon succeed, but when I click the insert button to add Input/output module, it is failed.
can you tell me what's wrong in settings?

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Please contact Hilscher technical support for any questions about thier Sycon software.

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