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Halted program resumes with feed-rate change
The manual states

The h command is very similar in effect to a %0 command, except that deceleration and subsequent re-acceleration are controlled by Coord[x].FeedHoldSlew, not by Coord[x].TimeBaseSlew. Also, execution can be resumed with an R or S command, instead of a %100 command. In addition h works under external time base, whereas a %0 command does not.

I've found to my embarrassment and luckily no one's health that issuing "%100" when halted resumed the program execution.

CPU: PowerPC,460EX

The desired functionality is when an event occurs the system should halt until the condition is cleared, the way I've implemented this is to prevent R and S commands during this phase. Is there a simple method of preventing execution in a modal manner.
This would be expected behavior. Your system’s code could monitor the FH status (Coord[x].FeedHold) and “not allow” any direct %n commands.
Of course, there is no way to prevent an on-line command from the terminal.

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