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About UMAC-Turbo motion program
Delta Tau
Contact person in charge

Thank you for your help.
I have a question about UMAC-Turbo's motion program.
The acceleration program (Ixx17) is set to operate the motion program.
In the case of trapezoidal profile, the commanded acceleration is correctly limited by the acceleration limit value.
However, in the case of the S curve profile (for example, TA = 2TS), it is more than the acceleration limit value.
The low acceleration will limit the command waveform.
Is there such a phenomenon in the case of the S curve profile?

※ Other motors in the coordinate system will not exceed this acceleration limit
Motion program is operating in linear blend mode

Could you tell me if there is any way to avoid it?
We cannot duplicate this here. The limiting works the same with no S-curve, partial S-curve, and full S-curve profiles.

Please contact technical support with details of your configuration.

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