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Target Torque(6071h) PDO description
I am currently working on an application where I am setting the mode of the operation equal to 10(cyclic synchronous torque mode).
I am using the PPMAC 465 CPU as Ecat Master and ABB's motiflex e180 as EtherCAT Slave.
Drive maximum current 50A
Motor continuous current 19A
one gearbox (40:1) attached to the motor.
Case 1:
MaxDAC = 1000
PDO corresponds to a 6071h value ranging from -200 to +200 but sometimes it fluctuates up to 1000.

case 2:
MaxDAC = 2000
PDO corresponds to 6071h value ranging from -400 to +400 but sometimes it fluctuates up to 1319.

Does anyone know what is the expected range for Target torque(6071h And how the value of the MaxDac affect the range?
This would be detailed in your drive manufacturers documentation. The value is typically given per thousand of rated torque.
Target torque is the output of our servo loop. The numbers you mention for target torque are probably close to Following Error * Motor[x].Servo.Kp.Target torque will be saturated at a value of Motor[x].MaxDac.

You would need information from the drive manufacturer to find out how much current target torque of 1000 is.

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