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How to clear Sys.AbortAll?
In the manual it says:

The Sys.AbortAll status bit is set to 1 when Power PMAC is stopping or has stopped due to the “Abort All” input, even if the input is no longer set in the abort state.
Sys.AbortAll is set back to 0 when the input is not set and any motor or coordinate system is commanded to exit its final “abort all” state

What commands cause exiting the final abort all state?

We have been using &1enable for this, but we now can't do so anymore because the drives can only be engaged under certain conditions. As a workaround I tried defining a second coordinate system assigned to an unused motor, and enabling that also clears the flag. But I don't like this approach because we may need that motor in C.S. 1 at some point. Is there a better way to do this?
I would activate Motor 0 in C.S. 0 as a virtual motor for this. Almost no one ever uses Motor 0 or C.S. 0 for any physical purpose.
I tried doing


And then doing &0enable after Sys.AbortAll was set. It did not work. Isn't there some way that does not rely on enabling a motor?
Make sure Motor[0].ServoCtrl is set to 1 and that you can enable and disable the motor by command.

Set Coord[0].AbortAllMode to 1 so the motor is killed on an AbortAll.
Ok, that worked, thanks.

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