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Turbo PMAC with ACC-5E and ACC-24E2A
I have the following rack system

Slot 1 Turbo PMAC CPU
Slot 2 ACC-5E
Slot 3 ACC-24E2A (4-axis)
Slot 4 ACC-24E2A (4-axis)

My system will have 3 "remote" Macro servo axes and 8 "local" stepper axis. What I mean by local is that the steppers are controlled by the ACC-24E2A card NOT controlled over MACRO.

I have successfully setup either:
-All 8 Axes of stepper motion while removing the ACC-5E
-All 3 Axes of servo motion while removing the 2 ACC-24E2A cards

When i plug all cards in i will see the encoder positions of the MACRO servo change if i turn the shafts, however if i try to command a move (i.e. "#1j=0") i get the error message:

"Attempt to perform phase reference during move, move during phase reference, or enabling with phase clock error"

Also by global status bit 7, Servo/Macro IC config error is set

It would seem the cards are fighting whose clock to use (my best guess), so i
set jumper E13 on the ACC-24E2A cards to jump 1-2 (receive phase and servo clocks). this however did not resolve the issue

I also tried changing SW1 positions from
6 5 4 3 2 1
Card 1 on on on on on on
Card 2 on on on on off on


6 5 4 3 2 1
Card 1 on on on off on on
Card 2 on on on off off on

This also did not resolve the issue.

The ACC-5E SW1 settings are currently
4 3 2 1
Card 1 on on on on

What am I missing/what should I check

I think the problem could be in ACC-24E2A setting SW1-2 = ON because that is a MACRO Station setting. Try setting:

6 5 4 3 2 1
Card 1 on on on on on on (Base Address $78200)
Card 2 on on on on on off (Base Address $78300)

Assuming the firmware is 1.937 or higher, E13 is normally on 2-3 on all ACC-24 cards, and then at re-initialization (either $$$*** command or power up with E3 jumpered on UMAC), the firmware will know that all of the cards are in the auto configuration setup and will assign the card with the lowest base address setting (usually $78200) the task of sourcing the clocks by setting variable I19 to the appropriate register.
Very nice, all is now working well
I had not fully appreciated the importance of having all of the cards in a rack when doing a $$$*** command.


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