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Axis definition
I have a Power PMAC DEMO-BOX.

I tried to move motor by open loop.
I wrote

but I couldn't it move.

now,I add write

I become able to move it.

I think open loop is not need &1 and #1->x.
I don't know enough about your configuration to be sure, but here is my best guess as to what is happening:

Faults are shared between motors assigned to the same coordinate system, which is very important in actual applications.

I suspect your configuration has the default definitions of all motors with the "null definition" (#x->0) in C.S. 0.

I also suspect that at least one of your other motors has a fault condition that inhibits motion of your Motor 1 when it is in C.S. 0.

By assigning your Motor to C.S. 1 (while leaving the other motors in C.S. 0), you eliminate this fault sharing issue.

You can use the motor and coordinate system status windows in the IDE to confirm this theory.

thank you answer me.
ok.I'll keep in mind not to use C.S.0

by the way, does openloop need C.S?
All motors are assigned to a coordinate system, even if they are not assigned to any axis in a coordinate system. All active motors assigned to the same coordinate system share faults and share time base (%) value.

C.S. 0 is usually used only to "park" unused motors. At re-initialization (factory default), all motors are "parked" in C.S. 0.

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