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Clipper and Interrupts
Does clipper card support interrupt functions? this question confused me for some time. I seek answers from product materials, want to make it clear about interrupt function.
information come from said 'Interrupts are provided for all Windows 95/98 and NT OS'. seems that all PMAC support this function? but in 'Using the PMAC2 to interrupt the host computer',it tells PC version of the PMAC2 have a built-in programmable interrupt controller that can be used to let PMAC2 interrupt the host computer over the PC bus (I'm not very clear about meaning of PC version), and Turbo PMAC Clipper hardware reference manual doesn't talk about this topic. So I have no idea about it up to now.
"PC Version" refers to PMACs with an ISA bus interface. Interrupts are used with ISA and PCI bus type PMACs. Clippers are Ethernet/USB PMACs and so do not use interrupts.

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