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Problems with CK3E and Kollmorgen AKD
(03-19-2019, 07:30 AM)tecnico Wrote: HI,
changing the PDO names prevents the PDO entry from being repeated.
It is a bit uncomfortable to do - especially if I have to do it for multiple drives - but works.
If you have more than a couple identical slaves, it is possible to delete slave 2 and then copy slave 1 to slave 2.

(03-19-2019, 07:30 AM)tecnico Wrote: After a call with Kollmorgen's technicians it looks like the real problem of not being able to move the motor is that the "default" operation mode for the drive is not CSP.
To get it to work you have to manually set the operation mode writing in the $6060 SDO or modifying the startup sequence as shown in the picture (by default I had "7" here).
With Etherlab I never had to do this, so I needed someone to tell me.
This was specified with names of move modes instead of values of $6060 in etherlab. The defaults could be different between modes.

(03-19-2019, 07:30 AM)tecnico Wrote: So far so good, but I still have one problem: with Etherlab I could disable and re-enable Ethercat almost at will, but now if I disable Ethercat I can't re-enable it unless I make a reboot. Is this an expected behaviour?

ECAT[0].MasterState stays at 2 but most of the times the Ethercat does not re-enable.
This is not expected behavior. How are you checking if EtherCAT re-enables? If you are checking ECAT[0].MasterState, then you may need to have ECAT[0].RTStateCheck=1, depending on firmware version. When it fails to change, what is the response to "ecat slaves"?

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