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Problems with CK3E and Kollmorgen AKD
Typically when a PDO name shows up repeatedly within the ecat map, that indicates the ESI file had non-unique PDO names. In some cases I've seen ignoring the problem lead to strange behavior, like torque mode motors not being able to end open loop commands.

The fix for this is to add enough to the names of the PDOs you use to make them unique. I am attaching pages from a PDF explaining how to set up a specific elmo drive. Take a look at page 4 where step 6 begins. This shows exactly how to add a "1" to every PDO name in the mappings you are using, after clicking "Edit" on the correct PDO mapping.

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RE: Problems with CK3E and Kollmorgen AKD - Eric Hotchkiss - 03-18-2019, 11:21 AM

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