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Problems with CK3E and Kollmorgen AKD
With the ESI file downloaded form Kollmorgen website I get this standard mappings:

AKD Servo Drive Firmware and EtherCAT Device Description and CANopen EDS (AKD-P-NBCC-01-17-00-000)-->AKD EtherCAT Device Description.xml

Using the default mapping I can enable the ethercat network and the drive but I am not able to move it.
Evey movement results in a following error. I can see the setpoint word changing but the actual target does not change in the drive.

Apparent resolution, as you noted, is different from CST mode (much higher in CST). Don't know what this means but might be worth mentioning.

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RE: Problems with CK3E and Kollmorgen AKD - tecnico - 03-13-2019, 09:13 AM

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