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Problems with CK3E and Kollmorgen AKD
Hi all, I am experiencing some weird problems trying to use Kollmorgen AKD drives with CK3E (Acontis Ethercat stack)

When I download the PDOs the generated .pmh files have multiple duplicates of the same #defines and, worst of all, I am not able to move the motor.
I mean, I can activate the ethercat network, can even enable the motor (I can see that the drive is being enabled) but any movement results in a corresponding following error. The motor is "still", if I externally apply torque it does not move - like it's being controlled to do so

This is the auto-generated definition file

// <auto-generated>
// This code was generated by PowerPMAC IDE.
// Date: 12/03/2019, Time: 12:22
// Changes to this file may cause incorrect behavior and will be lost if
// the code is regenerated.
// </auto-generated>
#define Slave_0_60C1_1_1stsetpoint ECAT[0].IO[0].Data
#define Slave_0_6040_0_Controlword ECAT[0].IO[1].Data
#define Slave_0_6041_0_Statusword ECAT[0].IO[4096].Data
#define Slave_0_6063_0_PositionActualInt ECAT[0].IO[4097].Data
#define Slave_0_6041_0_Statusword ECAT[0].IO[4098].Data
#define Slave_0_6063_0_PositionActualInt ECAT[0].IO[4099].Data
#define Slave_0_6041_0_Statusword ECAT[0].IO[4100].Data
#define Slave_0_6063_0_PositionActualInt ECAT[0].IO[4101].Data
#define Slave_0_6041_0_Statusword ECAT[0].IO[4102].Data
#define Slave_0_6063_0_PositionActualInt ECAT[0].IO[4103].Data
#define Slave_0_6041_0_Statusword ECAT[0].IO[4104].Data
#define Slave_0_6063_0_PositionActualInt ECAT[0].IO[4105].Data
#define Slave_0_6041_0_Statusword ECAT[0].IO[4106].Data
#define Slave_0_6041_0_Statusword ECAT[0].IO[4107].Data
#define Slave_0_6063_0_PositionActualInt ECAT[0].IO[4108].Data
#define Slave_0_6041_0_Statusword ECAT[0].IO[4109].Data
#define Slave_0_6040_0_Controlword ECAT[0].IO[4110].Data
#define Slave_0_6040_0_Controlword ECAT[0].IO[4111].Data
#define Slave_0_6040_0_Controlword ECAT[0].IO[4112].Data
#define Slave_0_60C1_1_1stsetpoint ECAT[0].IO[4113].Data
#define Slave_0_60C1_1_1stsetpoint ECAT[0].IO[4114].Data
#define Slave_0_6040_0_Controlword ECAT[0].IO[4115].Data
#define Slave_0_6040_0_Controlword ECAT[0].IO[4116].Data
#define Slave_0_60C1_1_1stsetpoint ECAT[0].IO[4117].Data
#define Slave_0_6040_0_Controlword ECAT[0].IO[4118].Data
#define Slave_0_60C1_1_1stsetpoint ECAT[0].IO[4119].Data
#define Slave_0_6040_0_Controlword ECAT[0].IO[4120].Data

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