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Hi all
I want to use Pmac Commands in a background C app.
I can use the Command() function to send commands but I can't get any return with this function.
I found that I can use GetResponse function for returns in the gplib.h and I can see the function declaration with some information about the parameters. However, it's not clear how to use it. and what is the echomode and what values are used for it?

I couldn't find any details about this function in the manual, the software reference nor in the IDE help.

The current versions of the IDE (3.x and 4.x) are missing the Power PMAC CAPI help, as it wouldn’t “import” properly.

You can install it manually from this link with instructions:

The “GetResponse()” function is documented there.
Thanks for your reply. I got the help files for C API.

In functions like GetResponse and Command they return an integer for status.
0 is OK and negative number for error number. is there any list or information about what are the error numbers for these functions?
I have done some testing in Command() and found the following error numbers:
-31 for syntax error.
-20 for program not open
-22 for calling a program which is not in buffer.

Are those codes correct?

The “Command()” function should be returning the standard PMAC Command Processor error numbers (*-1) as listed in the “Power PMAC Software Reference Manual” in the section “Reported Errors for Illegal Commands” starting on page 71. Here is a link to this manual on the ODT Forums’ FileDepot (requires registration):
“ PMAC/Manuals/Power PMAC Software Reference Manual.pdf”
Can you please update the link? thanks

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