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Motion Program time
I am looking for a method to time how long a motion program takes to execute.
Is it possible to use system time like in a C app or is there different way to do it?
Thanks in Advance
You can measure time passage in a PMAC script program by taking the beginning and end difference of “Sys.Time”. It is a 64 bit positive floating-point result in units of seconds. It is documented in the “Power PMAC Software Reference Manual” under the “Sys. Global Status Data Structure Elements”.
A quick note: The end of the program calculation is when the last move or dwell has been computed, which could be significantly before that last move has finished executing. It is best to add a DWELL 0 after the last real move calculations before you check the timer. It would be something like this:

MyStartTime = Sys.Time;
{my program}
dwell 0;
MyExecutionTime = Sys.Time - MyStartTime;

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