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PMAC-PC Universal Lite Checksum errors
I'm bringing up a 3-axis system using a PMAC-PC Universal Lite ISA buss, with
DPR on board. Software is v2.36(1), & the PROM version is 1.16G. PEWIN works with no problems, I'm able to download plc's & they appear to be working.

When I start NC-32 I get messages saying: "PMAC Memory checksum is incorrect or not initialized" & "PMAC PROM checksum is incorrect or not initialized", along with axes not home referenced, amps not enabled, amps open loop.

Do I have a hardware problem, or an operator (me) problem?

Well, found my checksum problem - I had left the E51 jumper on. Removed the jumper, power cycled the cpu, reloaded the plc's via PEWIN, then started NC-32 v2.36(1). No more checksum error problems, but .... I have forgotten how to bring the axes close loop, and then home the axes.

This is typically integrator dependent.

Closing the loop is usually done in the “reset.plc” (usually plc7) and may require a certain switch setting.

The home feature can be in “home.plc” (usually plc4). It may also be set to function from the control panel when in “home” mode. It can also be in the control panel plc, “CNTLPANEL.PLC” (usually plc2). It is usually triggered by the setting of “Home Mode” on the control panel, axis selection and jog button to start.

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