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IDE4 - DisplayOrder
Dear all,
On the IDE 4, the scripts files I add or insert are not ordered alphabetically.
It cause variables mapping desorder (between variables in the script (plc/prog) and variables interrogation through gpascii).

Comparing IDE3 and IDE4 project files I found this new tag: <DisplayOrder>2</DisplayOrder>

How can i remove this option ?

If you right-click on the files you can move them up and down in the list. I think that should solve your problem.
Thank you for your reply Tony.
I think the IDE is not supposed to work that way... the IDE has to order alphabetically automatically.
I tried to uninstall the IDE 4 and to re-install it... same behavior...
The IDE will download the files in the order they appear in the project manager (with respect to a specific folder). In previous versions, this was always alphabetical, and there was no choice. We had managed this by using prefixes before each file (typically numbering them--"01-<file name>", "02-<file name>", etc.). As Tony noted, as of IDE 4, this is no longer required, as you can now manually re-order the files and therefore the order in which they download.
so starting at ID4 the script files are not ordered alphabetically.

My issue then might be the mapping done for the C code ("pp_proj.h") which seems to still map using alphabet order.

Please have a look at the attachment. Mapping for C and Script seems different (look at P_01 and P_02:
P_01 is P8193 in Script, but is mapped has P8192 in pp_proj.h

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It appears as though that is a bug. In the meantime, please re-order your files manually so that they're in alphabetical order, however I will flag this to the software team to be addressed.

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