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PowerPMAC IDE backup of MACRO stations
We have a PowerPMAC with a single MACRO station connected to it.

When I issue a 'macroringorderbackup' command, followed by a 'save', a new 'bkupring0stn1.cfg' file is generated in /opt/ppmac/usrflash/Project/Configuration.

Two questions:

- is there a way of having this file automatically uploaded to the IDE project in the same way that the pp_save.cfg and pp_custom_save.cfg files are uploaded?

- is there another way of backing up the MACRO station to the PowerPMAC? I ask this because if I set the MACRO station number to something like 28 (i.e., not the number assigned by the 'macroringorderinit' command) then the 'macroringorder...' commands no longer see the MACRO station. Or am I doing something wrong on the MACRO master in the PowerPMAC in this situation?


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