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Pointing to program buffer results in strange behavior
(12-11-2018, 03:27 PM)curtwilson Wrote: Have you made #define assignments for B1 and B2 as variables?

I have just searched one more time through all the header files in last two projects and really found definitions for b1, b2, b3 as follows:

#define k1 q221
#define b1 q222

#define k2 q223
#define b2 q224

#define k3 q225
#define b3 q226

Did I get the values of Q-vars?

But when I point to B100, B1101 buffers I get ERR003 error.
Sometimes I get ERR003, when point to B5, B6 buffers.
There aren't any definitions #define for them, and programs are downloaded to pmac.

I have reinstalled the PMAC Suite and all have been ok for one day.
Then I got this problem again.
My colleague connects to the same pmac and doesn't have this problem.
He does not have source files for this project on his PC.

I will change the macro names tomorrow and see what happen.

Thank you!

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