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PowerBrick Controller I/O Expansion?
I'm in a situation that calls for expanding the I/O on a PowerBrick controller, and I'm not able to move to a Power UMAC or other controller.

I need to add more outputs than the 24 available on the PowerBrick. What have you guys done to expand the I/O in the past? Demuxes, Field Bus modules? Any help is appreciated.
If your controller is equipped with EtherCAT, a nice option is to use Beckhoff IO modules.
EK1100 with any number of "slice IO" modules is easily implemented.

DT also makes an IO block for EtherCAT... Accy 52ECT
Unfortunately we do not have the EtherCAT option. It is possible to get controllers upgraded by sending them to the factory, but in my experience that takes several months.
Then Modbus TCP is the way
Thanks for the replies, I will look into using a Modbus TCP I/O unit. Seems to be fairly straightforward.
The PowerBrick controller has an option for another 24 I/Os (16in/8out). This can be added as an RMA.

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